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Delivery Information: Your Wellness on Time

1.Full transparency:
Clear details on shipping costs and delivery times so you make informed decisions.

2.Fast and efficient:
Our express service ensures that your product arrives quickly at your doorstep, without unnecessary delays.

3. Secure shipping:
We use secure methods to ensure that your package arrives in perfect condition, giving you peace of mind with every delivery.

Cost & Carrier

At Pura Vida Botanicals, we prioritize transparency in every shipment. Our detailed information on costs and shipping options gives you total clarity. We offer affordable rates and work with reliable carriers to ensure safe and efficient delivery. Your well-being is our priority, from the purchase process to the arrival of your products.

Age Restrictions

We strictly comply with age restrictions. Shop responsibly and trust us to ensure a safe and legal delivery process.

Undelivered Packages

If your package is not delivered, we guarantee fast and effective solutions. Your satisfaction is our top priority. 

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