Pura Vida Experience, Natural Flavor + Lovely Cinnamon

Take advantage of our exclusive promotion and take home the CBD Duo with our 750 mg Tinctures. Experience two delicious options, the natural flavor and the irresistible cinnamon.

  • Professional Chemical Free Extraction
  • Pure Cannabis Sativa
  • Verified Potency for Confidence
  • Organic and Delicious Bioavailability


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750mg CBD Cinnamon Flavored Tincture Oil – 1 oz Bottle

Our flagship 750MG CBD tincture line weighs in at a respectable 25MG CBD/ML.  This is a standard dosing level of CBD used to handle a wide gambit of what ails you.  Offered in its natural state or flavored with Pharmaceutical Grade Organic Certified Cinnamon Bark Extract, we know that you will enjoy both options.  The potency of every bottle is verified through a Certificate of Analysis by a Third Party Laboratory Testing to guarantee that every 1 ounce bottle contains 750MG of Active CBD!  Each full dropper offers 25mg of Whole Plant Hemp CBD providing you with all of the organic awesomeness you’ve come to trust and rely on from Pura Vida Botanicals.

At Pura Vida Botanicals we believe that everyone deserves the best quality CBD at a fair price!  This is one of the reasons why we decided to use LIPID EXTRACTION to make all of our Tinctures.  That means no harsh chemicals or solvents are used during our extraction process.  All of our Tinctures are Whole Plant Hemp Extracts.  We only use two USDA Organic Certified ingredients produced by Mother Nature:  Cannabis Sativa and Coconut Oil.  Our whole plant extract allows for all the plant compounds to interact together.  This process is called the “Entourage Effect”.   This is the most natural and bio-available way of consuming CBD.  We grow and process all of our plants in the great state of Vermont, and maintain complete control of every process from “Seed To Shelf”!

Bottle Potency Composition

Each full dropper contains 25mg/ml of USDA Certified Organic Whole Plant Hemp CBD Extract
Each 1 ounce bottle contains 750mg of Active CBD, flavored with USDA Organic Certified Cinnamon Bark Extract.


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